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I taught Acting and Shakespeare to the ages 8-21, for eight years. I’ve taught in both public and private schools, and regional theatre educational programs throughout NYC, Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston, San Francisco, and even the Cadets at West Point. I adore teaching because it reminded me of how I originally got into acting. I love being part of the traditions of passing on this art form.

Since I graduated from my MFA, I’ve been private coaching. I’ve always had a great ear for dialects, especially British RP/Estuary, Irish, Southern Drawl and New England Regionalisms…including a classic “Boston Accent.”

Most recent—coached Irish Dialect & poetic speech in Ailis Ni Riain’s The Tallest Man in the World, currently running at The Tank see blog review by Emily Cordes on Theatre Is Easy

“Very detailed with feedback and crafting that leads to specific work. Very kind and warm, and made me feel relaxed, free and safe.” Kadeem Ali Harris 1/8/19

“An incredibly warm, gentle presence to work with. Lily always creates a safe space to experiment & play. Her sharp eye allows her to take what you are already bringing to the work and refine it; making you more specific and more YOU, which is absolutely invaluable to me. Highly, highly recommend!” Amanda Lea Mason 1/9/19

“Lily helped me with my pronunciation, casual “chit chat” and phrasing, and her acting exercises were fun.” Kaung Ze 7/21/18

Alessandra Mello

Alessandra Mello