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Jane Austen’s Persuasion

“Lily Narbonne embodies thoughtful grace and well-earned melancholy as Anne Elliot, the neglected of three sisters, who years ago broke off an engagement with the man she loved, Frederick Wentworth, on the advice of her godmother, and has regretted it ever since.” THE MERCURY NEWS, Sam Hurwitt

Actor Lily Narbonne knows how to put skin in the gamenavigates with seeming ease, adding both weight and buoyancy to Jennifer Le Blanc's outstanding adaptation of Jane Austen's final novel” INDEPENDENT NEWS, Carol Graham

Lily Narbonne stars in Persuasion, adapted from the beloved Jane Austen novel…” THE MERCURY NEWS, Randy McMullen

A Christmas Carol (A.C.T)

Those cracks in [Scrooge’s] carapace widen… the moment the Ghost of Christmas Past (Lily Narbonne) magically swoops in from the sky on a luminous swing.” Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle, for SF GATE

Beautiful and haunting, the Ghost of Christmas Past's sweeping entrance across the Geary Stage is one of the most memorable moments in A.C.T.'s time-honored classic, A Christmas Carol. The actor who plays the ghost each year is tasked with the unique challenge of being strapped into a swing and hoisted above the audience, all the while maintaining an air of elegance. Third-year MFA Program actor, and self-proclaimed daredevil Lily Narbonne was undaunted by this though Steinbeck, Inside ACT Blog

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Lily Narbonne, a comically perplexed Helena… THE MERCURY NEWS, Sam Hurwitt

In The Summer House, directed by Ellie Heyman

“Lily Narbonne, a spectacularly adroit physical actress…Tufts Daily

“Missionary In Manhattan” by Caitlin Davis & Kaleigh Malloy

“Narbonne in particular is a gifted singer…” Backstage Magazine, Mark Dundas Wood

Reels & Clips

Clips from SEANCE, Written, Directed & Edited by Christopher McKee, **Made Under the Rules of the Bad Guru Collective*** Produced by Bad Guru ( @badguruproductions )

“At Last” upbeat, swung…Justin Genna on Guitar…April 2018

“The White Cliffs of Dover” in the MFA’s WWII Big Band Era Musical Revue, December 7, 2017 at American Conservatory Theater…guest starring Vinny Randazzo


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OH, Liza a Web Series

OH, Liza is a show for the Internet. I play Callie, Liza’s BFF…but Liza’s been ghosting for a long time…and now Callie’s married…and lives with hubby Dave in her Mom’s attic…

Grace from Margaret Atwood's ALIAS GRACE describes how there’s hypocrisy in the Church she’s been going to… versus true faith—God is everywhere. Northern Irish Dialect.

Lily Narbonne is an actor and singer living in New York City, originally from rural Massachusetts. Growing up in an Irish-American family of musicians & storytellers, creativity or extroversion were commonplace…but at school (her haven) she had one of the best acting teachers a detail-oriented kid with a surprisingly “Kathleen Turner-ey” voice could ask for. He encouraged her, with British Farses & relationship dramas, and she never looked back. When two years before, she didn’t even know conservatories for theatre were a pursuable option for college study, Lily attended the Boston University School of Theatre, fiercely earning her BFA in Acting. She was awarded the Sir Rex Harrison Scholarship for “Emulation of Craftsmanship” for her work on Hermione in The Winter’s Tale and Mrs. Shinn in The Good Person of Szechwan. During the Classical Acting Semester at LAMDA, she fell in love with Jez Butterworth plays after seeing Mark Rylance in Jerusalem.

Lily then worked in many non-traditional and experimental theatrical works all over Manhattan. While she will forever be the artist who asks, “What is form?” she wanted to reconnect with her acting craft and traditional theatre. The California Bay Area had been calling Lily’s name since Chez Panisse friends taught her about fava beans, so she furthered her training in the MFA Program at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. And there, she truly found her feet. Notable roles were Juliet in Romeo & Juliet Educational Tour, Fabiana Aziza Cunningham in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, and the haunting Ghost of Christmas Past in Carey Perloff & Paul Walsh’s A Christmas Carol.

Her current work, is in Theresa Rebeck’s MAURITIUS, performing in Gloucester, Massachusetts (follow @mauritius_play) on film with Bad Guru, @badguruproductions upon request.

Pindress from George Farquhar’s LOVE AND A BOTTLE Alessandra Mello

Pindress from George Farquhar’s LOVE AND A BOTTLE Alessandra Mello

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